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Our Story

Quillspire Ltd began when three friends—a doctor, an educator, and an 'alim in the Qur'anic sciences—agreed to devote their collective skills and experiences to opening up an Islamic publishing house that elevates the level of Islamic discourse in the English-speaking world.

Quillspire is committed to helping the Muslim ummah by: promoting internal unity, improving the level of discourse in da'wah, and giving a voice to Muslims with something to say. Quillspire works with traditional scholars to present an authentic, unabashed image of Islam to the world.

We ask Allah to help us in this endeavour and forgive us for all of our shortcomings. If you have any advice or suggestions for the team at Quillspire, please contact us and let us know how we can improve our work.

"Whoever seeks out a path to knowledge, God will facilitate for him through it a path to Paradise." - The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Why Choose Us

Choosing a publisher to work with can be a daunting decision. At Quillspire, we have a strong iḥsān-focused outlook and aim to provide a comprehensive service to our clients that is excellent in all aspects. We like to keep things warm and on a personal level, and we afford our clients room to manoeuvre and make demands.Quillspire wishes to provide a platform to Muslims with something to say. Your message deserves to be told the way you wish to tell it. Contact us for more information

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Join us at Quillspire by signing up to our mailing list and keeping in touch. We are so excited to tell you of the projects we have in store. So much is happening so fast at Quillspire—al-ḥamdu li-Llāh. Don't miss any of it and support us by signing up to our mailing list. Send us your comments and advice via the contact form if you think there is something we could do better. Muslims are like a single family. Let's all win together!

Join us in this meaningful expedition, where each story, each verse, and each dialogue enhances our understanding and connection to the Islamic heritage and its timeless teachings.

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    At Quillspire, your satisfaction and security are our top priorities. Enjoy a seamless and secure shopping experience as you build your personal library of Islamic wisdom.

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    Share the gift of enlightenment with your loved ones through our thoughtfully curated selection. Our books make meaningful and cherished presents for any occasion.

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    Quillspire is more than a collection of books; it is a meeting place for hearts seeking understanding. We aim to foster unity and connection within the global Muslim community, bridging cultures and